the clubs start 18.9.2018

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A remote-controlled skateboard, a location device for a bicycle, a game console on Raperry Pi, a mobile phone controlled Transformer… These are just few examples of projects made at the robotics club. To participate, you don’t need to have a project idea ready, but you can start working on one of the projects listed below. Some of the project can be done individually and some are for a group. Come with friends or team up with other club members, you can be a beginner, no experience is needed!

You don’t need to be 100% sure what you want to do at our club. We organize an introduction at the beginning of each session about the theme of that day (check out the themes from our weekly schedule) so you can just come in to check out the theme introduction, and we’ll help you get started from there. 


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 16:00-19:00, Fab Lab

You can come and go according to your own schedule, you don’t have to be at the club 16 sharp. You can attend as many or few times as you like. The trainers are available from 16 to 19 each day.


Jani Lehtovirta

Jani is responsible for the running of the robotics club. He has over 10 years of experience in building robot suits and he’s worked for example as project manager in Teraleon-robot project. Jani’s strenghts are in understanding different methods in digital production as well as electronic and mechanical design.

Jani a.k.a Colin Fuerze of Keminmaa is considered to have suffered from limited access to Legos as a child, which resulted in his compulsive need to build stuff as a grown up.

Leevi Halme

Leevi studies electrical engineering and can be found at the guild room at the University at most times. Leevi considers his biggest accomplishment to be a citation at the quild magazine and his favourite drink is a free one. On his free time he’s building a formula race car and likes to climb up walls towards the ceiling. Leevi is an open and easily approachable dude, come and say hi to him where ever you meet him and you’ll notice this yourself.



Build a lamp to your party that flickers to the music. The design and outlook of the lamp is up to the project team. This project will include everything from electronics to coding and 3D modelling.

Level of difficulty: 3

Size of project team: 3-4 people


Where’s the remote? You’ll no longer hear this question with the remote control you use by clapping your hands. Easy and convenient!

Level of difficulty: 2

Size of project team: 1 person


Wristband build on Arduino that flickers as you party on. Components will include led string and Arduino and you’ll learn about recurring functions.

Level of difficulty: 1

Size of project team: 1 person.


In this low-threshold project you’ll build a pen with a small led light that comes in handy when you have to write in the dark. Learn about connecting led to a battery and 3D printing.

Level of difficulty: 0-1

Size of project team: 1 person


Be in touch with Jani and ask for more information: / +358 40 7709690

See also our FAQ page.

the clubs start 18.9.2018

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