All university and high school students are welcome to join our clubs. Our only requirement for participants is a genuine interest to learn programming and robotics, you can be a beginner or an expert. Join now!


At the programming club you can code your own Android application, build a website, create a web application or develop your own game. You get to work on a project of your own choice with the help from our trainers.

Come alone or bring friends, we’re here to help you get started! 

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At the robotics club you get to learn about 3D-modeling and -printing, Arduino programming as well as electronics and mecanics. Projects created at the robotics club vary from anything between a transformer to a Virtual Reality controller. At the facilities in Oulu University you’ll find all the gear needed to accomplish even your wildest projects.

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At information security club you’ll learn about most common vulnerabilities and how to prevent them. You can for example do a project related to capturing a device by following network traffic and the basics of service attacks.

We have good learning materials to help you get started even if you’re a beginner. 

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