the clubs start 21.1.2019

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In our programming club, we teach everybody no matter the level of background knowledge.

In our club you can for example learn to make websites and create a page using HTML, CSS and jQuery. You can also learn to create modern web applications with Javascript or make an Android-application with Java.
If your’e interested in game-development, you can learn C#, Unity, Gimp/Photoshop or Blender and get great advice to your game projects.

You can come to our club with your own project ideas or without one. You can come by yourself or bring friends – we will get your projects started! Our experienced teachers will offer you with good interesting projects and valuable advice. As your skills develop further, you can move on to more challenging projects.

In our clubs you can come and go as you like. This means you don’t have to stay for the whole duration but instead can fit your visit to your own schedule. 


Programming club will be continued at the University Of Oulu on January 21st.



  • Android applications

    • Mondays 16:00-19:00, TS135
  • Web development

    • Mondays and Wednesdays 16:00-19:00, TS135
  • IT-security

    • Wednesdays 16:00-19:00, TS135
  • Game development

    • To be announced!


Notice! exceptions in schedule:

The programming club will be held in room MA343 on the 27th of March and 15th of April.


Joonas Soudunsaari


Joonas studies information technology in University of Oulu, and is responsible for the Android application and embedded system programming. Joonas chose the field of IT so he can create new solutions and use his creativity. His own projects include a geo-location based application for Android. Joonas describes himself as being a hard worker, albeit a coffee-addicted one.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact Head of Education Jani Lehtovirta  at

the clubs start 18.9.2018

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