the clubs start 21.1.2019

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Information Security is a rapidly growing field which’s importance will only increase with IoT. As more and more devices are connected to the Internet, devices from a toaster to a fridge become risks to the safety of your home.  

No need to worry though, at the Information Security club you’ll learn how to prevent the hacker next door from making the milk in you fridge turn bad or burning your house down with the toaster.

At the club you’ll get familiar with different vulnerabilities, learn how to take advantage of them and how to protect from different security gaps. You can for example invade a router or a poorly protected computer, or design and build a safe network structure for some other project.

Come along and we’ll find out what kind of a project would suit you best!


Wednesdays, 16:00-19:00, Room TS135

You can attend the club at a time that suits you best, you don’t have to be present 16 sharp. Attend as many or few times as you like.

Zacharias Hellberg

Sakke studies information technology and is quite active member of the student guild. He became interested in information security immeadiately after realizing the potential of computers outside of gaming and has also been working in the field starting from Wappu 2017.

Sakke has experience of all kinds of projects from having his own company to organizing different events and working in different organizations. When it comes to information security, Sakke feels he’s able to combine creating new stuff and maintaining old quite nicely. “If somebody can break it, it’s not ready.” 

You’ve probably already met Sakke somewhere but if not, you can say hi to him where ever you meet him. We quarantee finding him at the Information Security club and OTiT guild room. Every new encounter is one step closer to bliss for Sakke. 


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the clubs start 21.1.2019

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