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1. Can I join the club in the middle of the semester? 

You can participate in the clubs when ever you wish to. Check out the schedules for the clubs from club pages.

Programming and robotics clubs

2. Who can attend?

The clubs are open for all university and high school students and you don’t need to have any previous experience. Welcome!

3. What kind of skills do I need? 

You don’t need to be a programming guru to attend. We have projects and guidance for very beginners also. More experienced participants can start a project straight away and beginners start with some learning materials before we help you on to your first project.

4. What time should I participate in the club? 

You can attend what ever time suits your schedule. When you come to the club for the first time, we suggest you come to the beginning of that session if possible, but otherwise you can attend when and for how long you please. For example, the session is held on Monday from 16 to 19, you can come at 17 and leave at 18, or however you please.

5. Do I need to use my own devices?

For most participants we can offer computers from the university. It’s also good to be prepared that sometimes there might be so many participants that some need to use their own computer. To be safe, bring your own computer and a flash drive.

6. Where are the clubs held?

The programming and information security clubs are held at the University of Oulu in room MA336. Robotics club is organised in Fab Lab at the University of Oulu.

See more detailed locations from University’s map. 

You’ll find Fab Lab most easily via this route:

7. When are the clubs organized?

The clubs are organized during both fall and spring semester. The fall semester starts 17.9.2018.

Club schedules can be found on club pages. 

8. How much does participating cost?

0, zero, null euros €! The clubs are completely free of charge.