javascript- web development training January 28th – March 1st

Last day of applications: 19.1. 15.1.

An info session on the training will be held on 14.1. at 14:00-15:00, at Teknologiantie 18

The thirty most suitable applicants will be chosen to participate in the training.

The future of work life awaits you!
BuutCamp is a new software development training. The goal is to find and train thirty professionals to software development tasks. During BuutCamp, the basics of software development are taught and one technology is dived deeper into. During the training, the students’ understanding of software development and its practical applications grows.

During the training, you will learn a technology appreciated by technology companies. You will also learn the practices connected to the technology and create a reference project to help you with job applications. JavaScript has been chosen as the technology for this training based on the needs of local tech companies. In Buutti Oy’s trainings, you will learn technology with practical coding exercises and work-life based assignments.

In Buutti Oy’s trainings you learn by doing. The assignments are based on work-life cases, and you will gain practical and useful skills.

Example job titles after the training:

JavaScript-developer, web-developer, Front-End developer, software engineer, UI/UX developer or software designer.

Implementation of the training:

The training consists of 10 classroom session days and 15 distance learning days. The training is located Kielo Growth training facilities at Teknologiantie 18, 90570 Oulu.

Who is BuutCamp for?

The training is mainly targeted to the unemployed and those at the risk of losing their jobs in Northern Ostrobothnia area. The training is suitable for both beginners and advanced software professionals. You background can be with earlier training and/or job experience from IT and ICT. If you have former experience from ICT, BuutCamp can be your direct way to a new job/career. For beginners, BuutCamp makes it possible for you to attend further, more advanced training later on. The selection criteria for the training include work experience, education and hobby background.

To get into the training, you have to be a registered unemployed job seeker. For other groups than registered unemployed job seekers we offer free software and robotics clubs at the University of Oulu: www.buutti.com/ict-training

The goal of the training

BuutCamp gives you the basic skills needed to use JavaScript in working life Front End development. Each participant will create a reference project, which is an useful tool when applying for jobs.

Apply to the training

Applications are done through TE-services, apply here https://koulutukset.te-palvelut.fi/kt/682643

Schedule and contents

Weeks 1-3:
The basics of JavaScript and a small project with the skills learned so far.

Week 4:
Advanced JavaScript and first steps of the final project.

Week 5:
Finishing the final project. Additionally, the practices of creating standardized code are learned.

BuutCamp is a vocational labour market training. Find out more here: http://www.te-palvelut.fi/te/en


A five-week JavaScript-training by Buutti Oy and TE-toimisto.


The training will be held at Kielo Growth’s facitlities

Address: Teknologiantie 18, 90570 Oulu


The training is: 28.1.-1.3.2019

Last day of applications 19.1 15.1.


Last day of applications 19.1. 15.1.

Apply here

For more information

Don’t hesitate to contact us:

Mikko Koistinen


040 0663 463