CodeMatch | react 14.11.

To develop one’s career, valuable skills and job opportunities are both needed. Getting relevant skills and landing a job are easier said than done, but what if you could get both simultaneously, for free? CodeMatch | React does exactly that.

During the one-day CodeMatch-training, you will learn an essential technological skill: React Web development. You will also have a great opportunity to land a job at Buutti. Even if you don’t end up with a job from this exact CodeMatch, you will have a new valuable skill you can add to your CV!

Application time is 10.10.-7.11.


A one-day CodeMatch-training with the subject of React Web Development. The training gives you an useful skill and a chance to land a job at Buutti.


The training will be located in Linnanmaa, close proximity of Oulu University.

The exact address is: 
Kielo Growth, Teknologiantie 18, 90570 Oulu


This CodeMatch is a one day training.




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Application time is 10.10.-7.11.

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